Agency Improvement

ESU 8 will impact student learning by providing data-driven programs and services through communication, partnerships, collaboration and leadership.

The mission of ESU 8 is to provide educational leadership and services that improve teaching and learning through quality partnerships.

GOAL 1: Focus on the needs of our schools.
Objective 1: Provide opportunities for communication between schools and ESU 8.
Objective 2: Analyze student data to determine direction and professional development needs.
Objective 3: Assist schools in meeting state and federal mandates.
Objective 4: Continue to identify other data sources as they are developed.

GOAL 2: Build and maintain partnerships to maximize our resources.
Objective 1: Promote coordination between ESUs.
Objective 2: Facilitate partnerships between school districts.
Objective 3: Encourage and support partnerships with higher education.
Objective 4: Maintain partnerships with NDE.

GOAL 3: Ensure leadership and service through long-range fiscal stability.
Objective 1: Regularly review and update the long-range plan.
Objective 2: Maintain programs based on annual selection by school districts.
Objective 3: Maintain existing grants and explore additional grant opportunities.
Objective 4: Encourage board members to participate in professional growth opportunities.

GOAL 4: Maintain and improve employee and organizational capacity.
Objective 1: Encourage staff to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to integrate technology into their departments.
Objective 2: Foster an environment of respect, trust, courtesy and teamwork.
Objective 3: Ensure that every employee knows his/her critical role in achieving individual and organizational success.
Objective 4: Utilize technology to maximize organizational efficiency.
Objective 5: Improve professional skills of all staff.