Assistive Technology

IDEA requires that students with disabilities have access to the general education curriculum and have the needed supports to fully participate so they can achieve to standards. One way students with disabilities can access the general curriculum is through the use of assistive technology. Assistive Technology (AT) can range from low tech (picture schedules, raised line paper, slant board, pencil grips, etc.) to high tech (computer programs, “talkers”, etc.). AT is any service, device, or program that provides a student access to the general curriculum. With this in mind, ESU #8 has created an Assistive Technology Team.

Our mission is to ensure that any child, who needs assistive technology within ESU #8, will have access to consultation/evaluation/implementation of appropriate assistive technology devices and services. The team will act to provide support for the schools and students needing AT as well as providing training for schools. Before making a referral, the IEP team must identify the student’s IEP goal(s) or objectives that they believe assistive technology may support.

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AT Team members


 Sheila Kropp

Phone: (402)887-5041 Ext. 1227
Fax: (402)887-4604

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Jenny Stahlecker

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Jill Hoffart

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Jill Bates

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Molly Aschoff


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Katie Morrow


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