MANDT Training

The Mandt System® is a systematic training program designed to help you de-scalate yourself and other people (e.g., co-workers, spouse, children, friends, clients, patients, residents, students, etc.) when you or they have difficulty managing their own behavior. We believe that until you and the other person are de-escalated, no training (i.e., behavior program, etc.) or work will take place. The Mandt System® blends well with a Behavior Support approach.

The Mandt System® teaches the use of a graded system of alternatives which uses the least amount of external management necessary in all situations. The entire philosophy of The Mandt System® is based on the principle that all people have the right to be treated with dignity and respect. You may know or work daily with someone who has some kind of disability (e.g., chemical dependency, developmental disability, mental illness, physically handicapped, learning disability, physically abused, sexually abused, head trauma, behaviorally disordered, hearing impaired, visually impaired, etc.). We believe that all individuals should be seen as people first and that every person has the right to a personal identity, the right to normalization, and the right to the least restrictive and most appropriate environment.

If you are in the ESU #8 area of Nebraska and interested in receiving Mandt training, please contact Ruth Miller at 402.887.5041 Ext. 1225 or email her at

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