2017 High School Art Show Results

The ESU 8 High School Art Show was held in Neligh at the Antelope County Fair Grounds. It began with the setting up and judging on Monday, April 24th and was open to the public on both Tuesday and Wednesday, April 25th and 26th. There were approximately 700 pieces of artwork on display from 15 different schools.

joe-nelson-bosKristina Swantek, formerly with the Norfolk Art Center, was the judge for this year’s Art Show. She chose a clay sculpture (pictured on the right) by Joe Nelson, a junior from Stanton, as the Best of Show piece. Joe’s Art Instructor is Rod Beyke.

Congratulations Joe!

Ms. Swantek also gave the following Outstanding Merit ribbons: (click on the artwork description to see a picture of the art)

Joe Nelson  11  Stanton Wheel Thrown Pottery
Kassidy Grosserode 12 Neligh-Oakdale  Pencil
 Alivia Kathol  10 Norfolk Senior High Charcoal
Katalina Ahumada  11 Norfolk Senior High Scratch Board
Ashley Colwell  12  Stanton Acrylic

The high schools that participated included:

  1. Battle Creek … Teacher: Stephanie Nelson
  2. Clearwater/Orchard … Teacher: Shannon Schumacher
  3. Elkhorn Valley … Teacher: Rebecca Munson
  4. Ewing … Teacher: Jan Miller
  5. Madison … Teacher: Casey Wolta
  6. Neligh-Oakdale … Teacher: Mary Pfanstiel
  7. Newman Grove … Teacher: Tami Texley
  8. Norfolk Senior High … Teacher: Tyson Koehn/ Mashayla Ruzicka
  9. O’Neill St. Mary’s … Teacher: Marlene Zurovski
  10. Osmond … Teacher: Jessica Evans
  11. Plainview … Teacher: Ranae Wacker
  12. Pope John … Teacher: Connie Henn
  13. Stanton … Teacher: Rod Beyke
  14. Verdigre … Teacher: Cathy Barta
  15. West Holt … Teacher: Megan Boyle

Pictures from the 2017 Art Show posted by Antelope County News.