High School Art Contest and Show Categories

  1. NEW! Special Category – “Nebraska 150”
  2. Pencil Drawing
    Drawings rendered in any pencil technique.
  3. Colored Pencil
    Drawings rendered in any colored pencil technique.
  4. Charcoal or Conte’
    Work done in any charcoal technique.
  5. Pastels/Chalk
    Work done in any chalk or pastel technique.
  6. Crayon/Oil Pastels
  7. Ink Drawing
    Drawings rendered in any ink technique.
  8. Markers
  9. Calligraphy/Lettering
  10. Airbrush
  11. Graphic Design
    Art with a commercial purpose in mind: eg. posters, compact disc covers, book jackets, programs, brochures. Also illustrations for books or magazines, or for fashion.
  12. Cartooning – Original
  13. Computer Art/Video
  14. Collage 2-D Relief/Assemblage
  15. Printmaking
    Entries may be any form of creative print.
  16. Screen Printing
  17. B & W Photography – student process and print
  18. Digital/Colored Photography – commercial process and print including digital
  19. Scratch Board
  20. Tempera
    Work may be on any prepared surface.
  21. Watercolor
    Paintings may be either in transparent water colors, or in opaque water colors.
  22. Acrylics
    This includes newly developed plastic paints.
  23. Oils
    Work may be on stretched canvas, canvas board, or other prepared surfaces.
  24. Portrait – any medium
  25. Mixed Media
    Entries in which two or more medias are combined in a single 2-D entry.
  26. Textiles/Fibers/Batik/Weaving
    Creations in fiber or fabric, including batik, weaving, stitchery, hooking, tufting. Also including designs for printed or dyed textiles.
  27. Jewelry
    Entries such as pendants, rings, pins, etc. may be suitable material or combination of materials.
  28. Sculpture – wood & other
    Work in round or relief–molded, carved, cast, or assembled. May be created in metal, wood, leather, etc.
  29. Sculpture – clay
  30. Pottery – hand built
    Articles such as bowls, vases, bottles, etc., made from clay and kiln-fired ceramics.
  31. Pottery – wheel thrown
    Articles such as bowls, vases, bottles, etc., made from clay and kiln-fired ceramics
  32. Miscellaneous

We look forward to the Educational Service Unit 8 Art Show again this year! We also look forward to seeing the work of each individual and school. You are welcome to invite family and friends to come and view the works of the many talented students of the Educational Service Unit 8 area.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Bev Tillema as soon as possible. Thank you!

Print version: HS Art Show Categories