Early Childhood 3-5 Year Old Development

Most parents wonder at times if their child is growing and developing like other children the same age. If you are concerned that your child is growing or learning at a slower rate than other children, help is available through your local school district and Educational Service Unit #8. Contact your local school superintendent or Ruth Miller at ESU 8 (402)887-5041 if you would like more information.

All children develop at different rates. Here are some guidelines for you to see how your child is developing:

3 years

  • Jump up and down
  • Begin to pedal a riding toy
  • Throw a big ball and catch it
  • Sort two objects that match
  • Play with others and share toys sometimes
  • Talk in short sentences and try to tell you what I’m feeling
  • Ask what and why questions

4 years

  • Talk with words in sentences that can mostly be understood (75% of what is said)<
  • Draw simple circles and stick figure people
  • Match and name 3 or 4 colors
  • Climb up and down a slide by myself
  • Put together simple puzzles with 5 or 6 pieces
  • Follow simple two step directions
  • Use the toilet with just a little help

5 years

  • Can dress and undress myself without much help
  • Run, jump, skip, and climb with ease
  • Follow three step directions
  • Ask and answer who, what, when, and where questions
  • Play well with others in a group
  • Enjoy games and follow simple rules
  • Recognize my printed name
  • Name 3-6 colors
  • Can count a small group of objects

For more information about your child’s development and activities that you can use to encourage his/her development, visit these websites:

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