Bad Weather Policy


Media Bad Weather Policy

  1. If weather and or road conditions prevent titles from being delivered to your school, or if your school is closed, titles due for delivery on that day will be cancelled and must be rescheduled by the teacher/school. Weather related school closings are usually announced by the news media but a telephone call to us would be appreciated. Phone 402-887-4125.
  2. If your school will be closed due to holiday, power outage, teacher in-service, State sporting events, etc., please call the Media Center. Titles due to be delivered on dates closed will be rescheduled. If a teacher wishes to reorder a title which was cancelled because of any of the above circumstances, it is suggested that the order be phoned in so that the new order may be processed as soon as possible. A weather related closing will delay a media item at least one week. The item which was not picked up can not be delivered to the next user even though the confirmation sheet indicates it will arrive on the next delivery. The item not retumed will automatically be cancelled out by the computer and must be reordered by the user who is listed on the confirmation sheet. We ask for your cooperation in this matter.