Delivery & Return Procedures

Media Delivery & Return Procedures

  1. Media is delivered and picked up on a regular basis. Media Center policy provides that titles may be ordered within the ESU 8 school calendar year.
  2. Using the On-Line Booking and Ordering Catalog, Media must be ordered two days in advance of desired delivery date.
  3. Titles can be ordered from the Media Center using the “Media Order Form”, the “On-Line Catalog” or e-mail to¬†
  4. Media order forms are available through your school’s Building Coordinator. The media van driver carries a supply of order forms. Should you need to re-supply, please contact the media driver or the Instructional Media Center.

Delivery and Return of Titles

  1. The confirmations returned to schools in the bag will tell teachers if the title has been confirmed for the date requested, if alternate dates and titles have been substituted, or if the title is not available. It is most helpful if you use “Order Forms”. The On-Line Catalog & Booking will confirm or display available dates immediately.
  2. Titles are delivered to each building at approximately the same time each delivery day following the delivery schedule established for your school.
  3. All titles are to be returned on the date listed. After titles have been used, they should be returned immediately to the designated pick-up location in your building.
  4. The media van driver will also deliver to the school a “Due Back List. This list will show all media scheduled to be picked up on this visit. Any changes that occur regarding title usage such as “extension of an item” should be noted on this list. Let the Building Coordinator know of any changes.

Extended Orders

All titles must be returned on the date specified on the confirmation slip. If you want to keep a title beyond the assigned period, you must contact the Media Center prior to the assigned return date. If the title is available, it will be extended. If not, the title must be returned. THE ESU 8 MEDIA VAN DRIVER MUST BE NOTIFIED OF THE EXTENSION since the driver’s instructions are that all titles due for return must be picked up.

Delivery Errors

If a wrong title is delivered or one is received on the wrong date, confirmation slips should be checked for an alternate date or an alternate title booking. Also check for non-matching title name and catalog number errors. An error could have been made in booking or sacking here at the Unit; in either case, please call the Media Center immediately if we can be of assistance.