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Choose one (or both) of the options below. Work through the quizzes, digital badges, and certification tests on your own… or ask your ESU 8 Technology Integrationists for help. Submit your certification accomplishment(s) to the form below. Look for your name added to our Honor Board and featured in various ESU 8 publications. Your name will also be entered in a drawing for day of exciting technology integration provided by ESU 8 for your classroom. (Drawings to be held March 1, 2017.)

Apple Teacher certification Google for Education certifications
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  • Gina Pospichal (Chambers), Apple Teacher 2016, Google for Education Level 1
  • Rylee Dexter (O’Neill), Apple Teacher 2016
  • Kevin Morrow (O’Neill), Apple Teacher 2016
  • Mike Peterson (O’Neill), Apple Teacher 2016
  • Nic Simonson (O’Neill), Apple Teacher 2016
  • Kaye Appleby (O’Neill), Apple Teacher 2016
  • Becky Dean (O’Neill), Apple Teacher 2016
  • Ann Mann (O’Neill), Apple Teacher 2016
  • Becky Miller (Norfolk Public), Apple Teacher 2016