Honoring Our Veterans 2015

On Monday, November 9th, ESU 8 held an Honoring Our Veterans Virtual Field Trip. Molly Aschoff, ESU 8’s Distance Learning Coordinator, set up this virtual field trip between local veterans and several schools. The connection was through the ESU 8’s video conferencing equipment. All the veterans met at the Service Unit for lunch and then the first session with the high school participants began at 1:00pm. The second video connection with the elementary schools started at 2:00pm. Each session lasted approximately 45 minutes.

The veterans that shared their stories with us included Harlan Frazier, Keith Heithoff, Dennis Maple, Ron Marshall, Leonard Orlowski, Bruce Phillips, Heidi Rethmeier, Ted Rethmeier, Dr. James Zielinski, and Keith Zuhlke. The Junior High/High Schools that participated included Chambers, Clearwater-Orchard, Lynch, St. Joseph’s in Atkinson, Stuart, West Boyd and Zion Lutheran. Elementary Schools included Clearwater-Orchard, Elgin, Ewing, Lincoln Montessori, Schuyler and St. Joseph’s in Atkinson.

The Clearwater Elementary students read a poem of thanks to the veterans. Other schools said thank you in unison. Everyone at the Service Unit would like to thank the veterans for participating in this virtual field trip. We especially thank them all for their sacrifice and service for us and our country!

Molly reminded the students to thank a veteran when they can, no matter what day it is, Veterans Day or not.

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