Sonya Simons

SonyaSimonsSonya is a school psychologist for Educational Service Unit # 8. She has been with ESU#8 since August 2006. Sonya provides services for several of the schools served through ESU#8. These services may include data collection and analysis, progress monitoring, consultation and collaboration, academic/learning interventions, behavioral interventions, and assessments of students emotional, educational, and behavioral needs. She also helps to promote meeting the behavioral and mental health needs of students by helping make referrals and coordinate community services to schools and families. As well as the collection and interpretation of student and classroom data to improve overall student performance and classroom management, which results in, reduced referrals to special education. School psychologist’s help strengthen family and school partnerships by helping families understand their child’s learning and mental health needs and navigating the special education process. ESU#8 School Psychologist’s also offer professional development opportunities for educators throughout the school year utilizing in-services, workshops, and webinars. Services provided to schools are based on each districts needs. Sonya serves on the BIRSST team and is available for consultation to support school teams dealing with students who have suffered a TBI or concussion and need support for their Concussion Management Team (CMT) to implement a Return to Learn plan.

You may email Sonya at or call her at 402.887.5041 ext. 1245.

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