Title I Meetings

 February 27, 2017 Materials for the Day: PPT, Handouts, Padlet Deb Wragge & Stephanie Wanek
September 9, 2016 Materials for the Day

includes PPT & Links

NWEA Padlet

Deb Wragge
February 29, 2016 Pinterest Parent Involvement Scavenger Hunt – PPT and links –  https://goo.gl/KXpnb6 Deb Wragge
September 11, 2015 Agenda – Title I Teacher Meeting Deb Wragge
September 11, 2015  Email Announcement
 ELA Standards 2014 NDE Title I Annual Reminders
NeSA-ELA Transition – Release of the State of the Schools Report Jeopardy Templates Tap lights – Walmart (Silent Buzzers)
Evan Moor Amazon Evan Moor Grammarly Spell Checker & Grammer Checker
goo.gl URL Shortener Lexia Core Reading 5 NDE Student Instructional Tool (SIT)
Florida Center for Reading Research Reading Recovery Schoolwide Review Rubric
TAS SELF REVIEW RUBRIC 8712 easyCBM Math Jefferson County Schools
Oregon Reading First
September 26, 2014 Agenda – Fall Title I Mtg 2014 Deb Wragge
September 2013 ESU 8 Fall Title I Meeting 2013 Deb Wragge