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Stacey Richart

ESU 1 Vision Consultant

211 Tenth Street
Wakefield, NE 68784
Phone: (402)287-2061


For more information about the Visually Impaired program in Nebraska, visit: NEBRASKA CENTER FOR THE EDUCATION OF CHILDREN WHO ARE BLIND OR VISUALLY IMPAIRED website.

The Nebraska Center for the Education of Children Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired (NCECBVI) has partnered with the American Printing House for the Blind to implement a registry for young children with visual impairments, birth to 3 years of age. This information system called, “Babies Count,” will collect and disseminate data about the incidence, geographic locations, and causes of early childhood visual impairments in the United States. Our data will help Nebraska agencies develop and refine related programs and services.

Your participation is very important. Substantial research supports early referral and intervention services to enhance the quality of life for children with visual impairments. If you know a child, birth to 3 years of age, who may have a visual impairment, please contact NCECBVI at 1.800.826.4355. When appropriate our agency can assist in collecting the information about the child and submit it to the National Registry for Babies Count.

To learn more about this exciting support service opportunity for infants with visual impairments or to have a local presentation for your group or agency regarding the Babies Count registry, please contact Jim Adams, NCECBVI at 1.800.826.4355 or e-mail The website address is: