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Information about ESU 8’s Wednesday Webinar series
Every Wednesday throughout the school year, a new webinar is shared by ESU 8 staff to help broaden professional learning opportunities.

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Webinar Delivery
Beginning in 2016, ESU 8’s Wednesday Webinars will no longer be delivered live at a specific time each week. Instead, all webinars will be able to be accessed via YouTube, allowing for even greater flexibility in viewing. All webinars last approximately 30 minutes, allowing you to watch at your convenience. Many have accompanying resources or links in the description below the video recording. All videos are archived on YouTube so no additional technology (other than an active internet connection) is required to view a webinar.

Past Webinars
If you wish to watch a webinar that was recorded in past years, simply browse the playlists or search the channel for relevant keywords.

Upcoming Webinars!
Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to the ESU 8 Wednesday Webinar YouTube channel in order to receive email notifications when new webinars are released.  In addition, you can view the list of upcoming webinar topics here:

09/07/2016 ESU 8 Staff ESU 8 “We Believe” video
09/14/2016 Katie.Morrow What’s New on Mac?
09/21/2016 Tina Sauser Adviser Dashboard: A look around
09/28/2016 Heidi.Rethmeier Quizlet Live!
10/05/2016 Katie Morrow “Everyone Can Code” (& Swift Playgrounds) Links and Resources
10/12/2016 Deb Wragge Text Dependent Analysis
10/19/2016 Heidi Rethmeier ACT Resources
10/26/2016 Tina Sauser Seesaw Digital Portfolios for the Classroom
11/02/2016 Katie Morrow Show What You Know: Apps for students to demonstrate understanding
11/09/2016 Steph Wanek Text Features
11/16/2016 Steph Wanek Text Structures
11/30/2016 Christian Minter (Jill) Yes, There Are Apps for That: Educational Games from the National Library of Medicine
12/07/2016 Molly Aschoff Zoom’s New Features and Breakout Rooms
12/14/2016 Tina Sauser Seesaw 2
01/04/2017 Molly Aschoff World Book Social Studies & Science Modules
01/11/2017 Katie Morrow Creating Core Content with Canvas
01/18/2017 Tina Sauser Seesaw Digital Portfolios for the Classroom, Part III
01/25/2017 Deb Wragge Text Dependent Writing
02/01/2017 Deb Wragge Text Dependent Analysis in the Classroom: Multiple Choice Questioning
02/08/2017  Jill Bates Celebrate Nebraska! 150 Years of Statehood
02/15/2017  Steph Wanek ESU 8 Art Show Prep (Slide Show Presentation)
02/22/2017  Deb Wragge Text Dependent Analysis – Short Answer Questioning and Text Dependent Analysis – Essays
03/01/2017  Katie Morrow Keynote to Capture Ideas and Share Learning
03/08/2017 Heidi Rethmeier Marzano Instructional Series: Learning Goals
03/15/2017 Molly Aschoff and Katie Morrow Create a GreenScreen Video with ESU 8’s complete kit
03/22/2017 Heidi Rethmeier Marzano Instructional Series: Academic Games
03/29/2017 Katie Morrow iMovie + Marzano: Engaging Learners with Video
04/05/2017 Sheila Kropp & Tammy Cheatum Highlights from 2017 Transition Conference
04/12/2017 Heidi Rethmeier Blended Learning & Marzano
04/19/2017 Steph Wanek & Tammy Cheatum

Executive Function: The Missing Piece of Puzzling Problems in the Classroom?

04/26/2017 Sheila Kropp A Day in the Life of an SLP