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Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Attention young lords and ladies of the land of O’Neill…

You are being challenged to a QUEST…

a year-long quest of learning…


The word “medieval” comes from the Latin word medium aevumi, which means “middle ages.”  Fifth grade is similar to the Middle Ages in that you are in between the lower grades and junior high.

New challenges may include switching classes, band or Soundsational Singers, producing Eagle Eye News, Palm handhelds and other technology tools, and many other noble adventures.  But along with the exciting comes added responsibilities—more homework, more independent work, and higher expectations of behavior and working with others. 

For  those valiant enough to join in,

this quest is guaranteed to bring forth many adventures.

We may, at times, face savage dangers and fearsome challenges.

But, fear not!

For with each and every trained and decorated knight

devoting himself to the common good,

we will accomplish our QUEST…



"Fifth Grade Quest" is this year's O'Neill Elementary classroom web page. Here you will be connected to the experiences, learning, and projects that these young squires will be encountering during their 5th grade QUEST.

knight with flagApprenticeships

(Training with Masters of trades)

Code of Chivalry

(Rules and expectations)


(Supplies needed and tools provided-including technology tools)

Meet the Kingdoms

(Homerooms and their fearless leaders)

Sacred Scrolls

(Recording by daily scribe of classroom events)


(Exciting learning projects that will take place during the Quest)


(Our educational "victories" and fun celebrations throughout the Quest; includes calendar of events)

Medieval Links

(Links to other sites dealing with Medieval Times)

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