Microsoft Word functions and toolbars


·        Formatting Toolbar: Changing font style, size, B, I, U, alignment

·        Numbered List/Bulleted List

o       To change bullets: select list – Format Bullets and Numbering – Customize – Bullet

·        Highlighter Marker and Font Color

·        Other important standard toolbars buttons:

o       Quick save

o       Undo Arrow

o       Print Preview

o       Cut/Copy/Paste

§        Four steps to Cut/Copy/Paste

·        1.  Select what you want copied

·        2.  Copy it. ( Edit- Copy, Copy button, or Control-C)

·        3.  Move your cursor to the new place you want it to go.

·        4. Paste it. (Edit – Paste, Paste button, or Control–V)


·        Clip Art = Insert – Picture – Clip Art

·        Picture off disk = Insert – Picture – From File ( then open the drive where the image is saved, like “3 ˝ Floppy A”)

·        Word Art = Insert – Picture – Word Art

o       For all of these, to resize you need to click on the picture once to see your “handles”, point to a handle to get a double-headed arrow, and click and drag to resize.

o       Clip Art and pictures off a disk can only be left-aligned, centered, or right-aligned; Word Art can be moved anywhere by getting 4 arrows and dragging.

·        Word Art Toolbar

***Remember if you don’t see a toolbar that you want, go to View- Toolbars and click on the one you want to see.

·        New Word Art

·        Edit Text

·        Change the style from the gallery

·        Format the object

·        Change the Word Art Shape

·        Free Rotate

·        Word Wrapping

·        Same height- caps and no caps

·        Vertical writing

·        Alignment

·        Character Spacing

·        Drawing Toolbar (bottom of screen)

o       Autoshapes

o       Lines and Arrows

o       Rectangles or Circles

o       Text Boxes

o       Word Art, again

o       Clip Art, again

o       Fill Bucket, down-pointing triangle next to it has more colors as well as Fill Effects: remember to click on the picture once first that you want to “fill”

o       Paintbrush changes the outline color of the object you have selected

o       Font color, again

o       Thickness of lines

o       Style of lines, Styles of Arrows

o        Shadows and 3 D