Educational Service Unit 8 has four Learning Centers in Norfolk, Neligh, and O’Neill. These schools are level III schools that serve students aged 5-21 with significant disabilities. We serve students from the following counties: Antelope, Boyd, Holt, Madison, Pierce, Stanton, and Wheeler. ESU 8 Learning Centers provide students with unique opportunities in academics, social skills, life skills, job skills including job sites and community based learning experiences. ESU 8 Learning Centers spend time developing, working with, and creating relationships with the schools, students and families we serve. We pride ourselves in giving students diverse learning opportunities, building rapport and challenging our students to make progress through enriching activities and opportunities.  If you are interested in the services provided by the ESU 8 Learning Centers please contact Ruth Miller.

Ruth Miller, Principal

ESU 8 Learning Centers Application  – Questions email:

Learning Center Staff Directory

Central Learning Center

402 P Street | Neligh, Nebraska 68756 | Phone: (402)887-5559 | Fax: (402) 644-8093

Central Learning Center South

212 M Street | Neligh, Nebraska 68756 |Phone: (402)887-5041 Ext. 1246| Fax: (402) 644-8093

Eastern Learning Center

300 W. Eisenhower Street | Norfolk, Nebraska 68702 |Phone: (402) 371-3454 | Fax: (402) 644-8093

Western Learning Center

520 E. Clay Street | O’Neill, Nebraska 68763 | Phone: (402) 336-3707 | Fax: (402) 644-8093