Loanable and Disposable Equipment

If you are interested in borrowing any of our loanable equipment, or would like on of the disposable products we offer please contact the special education assistant @ (402)887-5041 option 3.

Pony Walker

The Pony Walker is a gait trainer for disabled children.  The Pony has a frame shaped like an arrow with five castors.  A central bar holds the chest support and the seat with pelvic support.  The bar can be tilted forwards to stimulate walking.  Between the legs is a plate to avoid cross stepping.

Dream Baby Bath Seat

The Dream Baby Premium Deluxe Bath Seat makes it much easier to bathe a child.  The front support bar of the seat can easily be opened, which simplifies the positioning of baby while getting in and out of the bath seat.  The seat is lightweight and durable with strong suction cups to secure the seat to the bath, plus the seat can be easily folded for convenient storage.  This seat can be used for children 6 to 24 months.

Rifton Corner Floor Sitter Chair

This chair can be used for children whom cannot sit up on their own, and who need their shoulders and upper trunk supported.  This seat provides a simple way to seat a child at floor level.  In this low chair the cild is independent, with hands free for play, while maintaining optimal erect trunk alignment.  When the chest strap of this mobile positioning chair is loosened, the child has limited movement, while remaining well secured.  This encourages trunk strength, stability, and self-righting.  Sitting at a 90-degree angle, with comfortable leg extension, children can join in on the level they like best.